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Melati related Technologies

  • Melati on SourceForge - no longer actively used, other than for Mailing Lists.
  • is a community of developers with experience of Melati.
  • is the repository of Melati projects.
  • Melati Maven repository is the mirrot repository of Maven and Melati projects.
  • Webmacro is a template engine used in Melati.
  • Velocity another template engine supported by Melati.
  • Postgres is the reference database for initial Melati development.
  • HSQLDB the pure java database bundled by Melati.
  • MySQL has recently added transaction handling and is now supported by Melati.
  • MckoiDB a pure java database supported by Melati.
  • Easysoft supply a jdbc driver for Access, which works with Melati.
  • Linux is the reference operating system for initial Melati development.
  • Jetty the pure java webserver bundled with Melati.
  • Apache is the reference web server for Melati live deployment.
  • Jserv was the reference servlet runner for initial Melati development.
  • Tomcat is a more modern servlet runner, to which Melati and most Melati-driven sites are deployed.
  • CVS Concurrent Versions System is used by the Melati developers.
  • Maven is a useful system build, test and deployment system which is used to maintain Melati code quality and produce the Maven site.
  • Ant was used to build Melati.
  • Eclipse is an IDE used by some Melati developers, which Melati works well with.
  • TortoiseCVS CVS client for Windows.

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